Monday, March 27, 2006

Go Mason!

I'm still amazed. While Mason reaching the Final Four does not equal the Steelers reaching and then winning the Super Bowl or the Penguins during the Stanley Cup years, it's pretty close. The fact that no one believed they could do it, even rationale Mason fans, makes it so special. Take ESPN's Doug Gottlieb. He was on Sportscenter Sunday morning talking about Mason, saying that would keep it close, but that UConn would win. I'm OK with that. I didn't hear anyone saying that Mason would defeat UConn. However, Gottlieb called Lamar Butler, "Jamar Butler" the Ohio State guard. The best players on any other team that were playing in the Elite 8 would be known by the top college basketball analysts.

One more rant: Paul Zeise had a chat today on the Post-Gazette's website. I generally like his college sports coverage. Anyway, in his chat, he wrote that "I didn't even think _ and still don't think _ George Mason deserved to be in the field of 65 to begin with." How you can he say that they shouldn't have been in the TOURNAMENT when they made the Final Four? They were definitely more deserving than say Seton Hall.

On to the links:
* Michael Wilbon's weekly chat was almost entirely about Mason.
* ABC News has a piece about Coach Larranaga. This is really big time!

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