Tuesday, March 14, 2006

NCAA Tournament

I am having a tough time going through and making picks for the NCAA tournament. Going with my heart, I want Pitt (my hometown team) to go far plus I have connections at Ohio State (grad school), San Diego State (worked there), George Mason (my "new" hometown team) and to a lesser extent George Washington (worked there). I'm also a biased towards Big East teams since I watched them more than other conference. I feel like certain teams that are ranked high (Iowa, Tennessee, Syracuse and Boston College) are going to lose fairly early in the tournament but I can't seem to pick at 14, 15 or 16 seed team to win in the first round.

In case you were wondering, I currently have Pitt and Ohio State (with UConn & Texas) in the Final Four, SDSU beating Indiana in the first round before losing to Gonzaga, Mason losing to Michigan State (only because Tony Skinn is out) and GW winning in the first round before losing to Duke.

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