Friday, March 17, 2006

NCAA Tournament 2006

There are no government holidays between Presidents Day in February and Memorial Day in late May. I would like to propose that the Thursday and Friday of the 1st round of the NCAA Tournament be an official holiday. The first four days of the tournament are really my favorite time of the sports year. Constant action and you always seem to be rooting for a team/school that you know nothing about or anyone associated with the school. I really am going to take these days off one day.

The George Washington-UNC Wilmington game this evening was terrific. At the beginning of the second half, Wilmington hit every shot and built an 18-point lead. GW followed by going on a 19-0 run. Each team made big shot after big shot with GW finally prevailing in overtime. GW will give Duke a great game and may even win on Saturday. You heard it here first!

Today is the big day for the teams that I follow closest all in action: Pitt, George Mason and West Virginia. Quick prediction: Kevin Pittsnogle will score over 20 points and there will be at least two mentions of him being a new father.

I'm a little disappointed this year that CBS did not make a Spring Break Shark Attack II. I loved the commercials (and the actual TV movie) last year.


Anonymous said...

if you watched Shark Attack closley you may of noticed yours truly making a camio apperance. check the credits i'm lifeguard #3.

peace, love, riptide, b stern out!

Sean said...

I'll have to rewatch the movie to see lifeguard #3. I wonder if CBS released it on DVD.