Sunday, March 26, 2006

Summons for Jury Duty

Back in September, I wrote about receiving a jury questionnaire and speculated that I may be called to jury duty. Yesterday, I received the official "Summons for Jury Duty." I am scheduled to appear on April 18th. I am actually a little excited about it as I'll be doing my civic duty. Plus, the summons says "There are unavoidable periods of waiting while on jury duty. You may bring a book, laptop computer or some other quiet activity to help pass the time. Internet wireless access is available in the jury assembly area." I guess this means I can post messages directly from the courthouse. Cool! Of course, I'll be doing this as part of my civic duty.


Messiah said...

You're in Fairfax, right? Too bad -- you just missed our big trial by a couple of weeks. But the good news is that our three-week trial was considered to be one of the longest jury trials they've had. Plus, they let a lot of people (but not everyone) off who foresaw work hardships for sitting on a jury for so long. Be sure to go the salad bar route at the cafeteria.

Sean said...

I am in Fairfax. Messiah, if you were working a case, would I have been removed from the jury since we're in the same baseball league and went to each other's Bar Mitzvahs?

Good to know about the salad bar, especially since I'm scheduled for jury duty during Passover.