Thursday, June 16, 2005

Hit Me

With a reality TV show for everything (want to be a Hilton, want to be with Jerry Hall, etc.), there is one show that I am actually watching. And I'm actually watching it right now. It's Hit Me Baby 1 More Time on NBC. Before I discuss the show, does Britney Spears get any money for NBC using the title of her song?

I've watched part of the first two episodes, but tonight is the first time I have watched the entire show. Here are my thoughts:

Since these artists have not performed in front of a national audience in at least 10 years, it would be nice for them to perform their ENTIRE song. At first, I thought NBC just wanted to run more commercials and there would not be enough time for the whole song. My new theory is that some of the performances cannot sing the entire song. Sophie B. Hawkins was completely out of breath about 30 seconds into her song. When she realized she couldn't win with her singing, she went with sex appeal (like Tiffany did in week 1).

To whoever wrote the script, you don't have to say "and now he's/she's/they're back" before every performance.

I know this was from two weeks ago, but what happened to Arrested Development? They were really good and then fell off of the face of the earth. Was it because Dionne Farris left for a solo career?

More shocking than the runaway bride's eyes is Wang Chung performing Nelly's Hot in Here. Even more shocking...they did a great job.

Cameo doing Bowling for Soup's 1985 is not nearly as good.

I was wondering what happened to the voting machines that were used on Love Connection and Who Wants to be a Millionaire. I'm glad to see they are still being used.

9:51 - I'm writing this before the vote. I think Wang Chung is going to win. They were solid for both their song and the cover. Irene Cara was outstanding for What a Feeling, but not as good for her second song. Howard Jones could have an outside chance. Cameo wasn't as good as I was hoping, especially with 1985. Sophie has no chance.

Irene is the winner. I'm a little surprised, but the audience really did get into the song. She should be singing Fame to close the show, but what do I know?

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