Saturday, June 25, 2005

Eric Roberts - Music Video Superstar

It's been a good year for Eric Roberts on VH1 and MTV. He has played major roles in a video by The Killers and two for Mariah Carey. Maybe he found his niche. Speaking of Mariah Carey, I really can't figure her out. She has one of the top songs and albums in the country, and has sold millions and millions of CDs the past 15 years. While she is definitely a diva and superstar, I don't think she gets a lot of respect as a singer/artist. If we were having a discussion of the greatest female pop/R&B performers of all time, I think that the candidates would be Aretha, Madonna, Whitney and possibly Diana Ross. I'm not sure if Mariah would be and I don't know why, although I suspect that "Glitter" has something to do with it.

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