Thursday, June 09, 2005

Sorry Dan

What is wrong with Katie Holmes? Seriously. She was on Good Morning America this morning smiling the entire time and repeatedly saying that Tom was incredible and amazing. She reminded me of some girls from my Junior High who had crushes on and knew everything about the members of New Kids on the Block. I have a feeling that she was in love with Tom Cruise when she was 11 and still can't believe that she's dating him. She was actually talking about getting married to him this morning. By the way, I have as much interest in seeing the new Batman movie (Holmes was also plugging the movie, but mostly gushed about Tom) as I do in seeing the movie about pants that travel.

I'm not sure why this is upsetting me. I guess I feel like there is way too much media attention on this, and much of this seems to be orchestrated by Katie & Tom. I don't think I ever saw Holmes go on TV to promote her relationship with Chris Klein.

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