Monday, June 20, 2005

Getting in Shape - Summer 2005

While I have lost some weight over the past six months, primarily by cutting down on food with high cholesterol (cheese, eggs, more cheese, cream cheese), I am still not in the kind of shape I would like to be. So my goal for the summer is to get into better shape. I started by joining an ultimate frisbee league for the first time since summer 2003. We lost our first game 15-9 on Wednesday night, and I probably looked like I didn't play since 2003.

On Saturday, I was a soccer ref for four games, where I was the only ref. Being the only ref meant that I had to be in position for everything. I may have missed an offsides call in the final game, where the one team ended up scoring a goal as a result of the non-call (well, more accurately because the defense and goalie didn't do anything to stop the shot or goal). Of course, the coach whose team gave up the goal knew for sure it was offsides since he had a perfect angle about 30 yards away.

Anyway, Sunday I played tennis, where again I looked like I had not played for over a year. I hit more shots off the fence than winners.

Finally, I played in a pick-up frisbee game tonight. I'm not sure if I'm in better shape than I was last week, but I know I'm tired so I'm going to sleep. Good night.

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