Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Hitless Week

The line-up for this week's Hit Me Baby One More Time may be weaker than the 1984 Pittsburgh Pirates, featuring legends such as Jason Thompson, Doug Frobel, Dale Berra, Lee Mazzilli, Jim Morrison (not the singer) and Benny Distefano. Hit Me's line-up this week is Billy Vera, Club Nouveau, Glass Tiger, Thelma Houston and Greg Kihn. Billy Vera's song is known from being on Family Ties (not the theme song) and has an annoyingly long ending. While I really like Club Nouveau's version of Lean on Me, can a group win for doing a remake? I also like Glass Tiger's song, but I don't remember the song being huge. I'm too young for Thelma Houston, and I never heard of Greg Kihn until I read his bio. The only reason I know him is because Weird Al did his song "(Our Love's in) Jeopardy" as "I Lost on Jeopardy."

As much as people (like me) have been making fun of some of the performances the past few weeks, there were some real stars. Irene Cara won an Oscar, Arrested Development has a few Grammys and Vanilla Ice and Tiffany were HUGE. Howard Jones and Wang Chung could easily take this week's group.

With all of this said, I'm sure I'll be watching on Thursday! :)

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