Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Strange Love

I'm prefacing this message by saying that I don't like reality TV. Actually, I really don't like network TV in general now, but that can be a later topic. I am proud to say that I have never watched Survivor. The Bachelor/Bachelorette shows are a joke. Now it's time for the contradiction of the last few sentences. I recently watched the first episode of Strange Love featuring Brigitte Nielsen and Flavor Flav on VH1. Flavor Flav is just fun to watch. He traveled to Milan to visit Brigitte, and the reactions of the people of Italy to Flavor Flav with his Viking hat and giant watch around his neck is priceless. Even better was the reaction of Brigitte's fiancee when Flavor came to their apartment. He was mortified. Here's my question: what does Flav see in Brigitte? What does anyone see in her? She's just scary. I wonder if Sylvester Stallone watches this show. Does Chuck D?

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