Saturday, January 22, 2005

Steeler Nation

While we're expecting the 4-8 (or more) inches of snow, I wanted to share a Pittsburgh Post-Gazette article about extremely devoted Steelers fans who are making the pilgrimage to Pittsburgh for the game tomorrow. I realize that I'm a little (or a lot) biased, but I really think Steelers fans are the most devoted fans in the NFL. Not only do thousands of Steelers fans attend away games (watch any game during the regular season - even in places like Dallas - and you can see tons of Steelers fans and the announcers commenting about this), but the city of Pittsburgh is extremely passionate about the team. There are currently 4 stations in Pittsburgh with sports (mostly Steelers) radio programs. The percentage of TVs in Pittsburgh watching the hometown team is consistently higher than any other city in the country. I'm getting really excited (and nervous) about tomorrow.

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Dan said...

hey sean -- you shoulda told me you started this! i saw it on adam's page. I'll post a link to your site on mine. Welcome to the blogosphere!