Friday, January 21, 2005

Follow Up

The big news: we have heat. Just in time for an expected snowstorm this weekend. Now I can focus all of my attention on the Steelers/Patriots game on Sunday.

I realize that I got really lucky yesterday. Apparently, Metro had one of the biggest day of ridership in their history. I guess they were on different trains than the one I was on. With that said, it's always fun watching tourists trying to figure out the Metro system. From watching some of the Inauguration coverage, I'm now thinking it would be cool to go to one in my lifetime. Maybe 2008. Depending on the weather and if we have heat.


Anonymous said...

Hey Sean--

Your blog makes me laugh each time I read it....and yes, I laugh at the schools being closed by is just as cold here, colder with the wind chill, and all of the kids walk to school--I still had school! Where's my snow day?!

I am doing well--waiting for Rob to finish up his training at the Army's music school in VA. He will hopefully be done at the end of February, and then I will be job hunting in GA!

Hope your heater stays on for the big storm this weekend--Happy New Year!


Sean said...

It's great to hear from you Christine. You'll be glad to know that we are expecting anywhere between 4-8 inches of snow today. Although this is still nothing compared to upstate New York, it is enough to warrant mass chaos. The grocery stores are packed and many activities for today are already cancelled.