Thursday, January 20, 2005


That is me the past two days. Well, not in real life, but as far as updating the blog. The only downside about the new job is that I have 0 (as in zip, nada, none, nothing) time on the internet. I got spoiled in my past job because there were times when I would have nothing to do. Therefore, I could spend hours on the internet. Maybe I shouldn't be writing this until I know for sure that my final paycheck is in the bank. I guess I'll find out for sure tomorrow.

The bus and Metro were fairly empty today since federal employees and the countless companies/organizations that follow the federal government's schedule were off today. The Inauguration sounds like a fantastic event if you don't live in the Washington area. Of course, for this year, it's fantastic if you like Bush and don't mind that $40+ million was spent on it. Here, the talk was about road closures, holiday Metro and bus schedules, and security. It didn't help that a guy parked his van filled with gasoline outside the White House the other night.

Of course the Inauguration was the minor event today in my world. The heater in my home took #1 today. I don't want to get into everything now, but the heat is not working very well. The motor is about dead (in medical terms, critical condition; maybe in a coma), and needs to be replaced. It was comforting to know that it's possible it could die before we get the new motor tomorrow or Saturday. But it's OK. If the motor dies, there will only be smoke and a bad smell. Not too comforting. So tonight, there will be some extra blankets on the bed. The reason why all this is happening...I made fun of the area for delaying schools for being cold!

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