Monday, January 17, 2005

Golden Globe Review

I'll admit it. I watched the last few hours of the Golden Globes. While it's not the Oscars or Grammys, it's nice that everyone seems to get dinner and drinks. Here are my observations of last night:

What is on the back of Jamie Foxx's head? Was that a tattoo (fake or real, like Mike Tyson)?

I don't know anyone who has seen The Aviator or Sideways. Are they any good?

Speaking of Sideways, I'm glad the Lowell from Wings has a new job. I was really worried that he would be type-cast as an airplane mechanic for the rest of his professional career.

My favorite moment of the night, Teri Hatcher winning an award for Desperate Housewives. When she was announced the winner, she hugged everyone from the cast. On her way to the stage, I saw Zach Braff from Scrubs put his hands up as to say "Why don't I get a hug?" Beautiful.

Zach Braff tangent. I haven't seen the movie Garden State yet, but just from watching him on Scrubs, he is a very likable person. Of course, this is a TV role, but he seems like he would be a cool guy to hang out with. Same with Turk (also in Remember the Titans).

This has nothing to do with the Golden Globes, but the Steelers are 3-point underdogs against New England. While I like the fact the Pittsburgh is the underdog, has there ever been a case in NFL history when a 16-1 team played at home and was not favored to win? I don't think so.


Anonymous said...

I think that it was a fake tattoo Jamie Foxx had for some movie he's doing now.

I saw Sideways and liked it - kind of like Swingers except with older guys. Lowell was good, he deserved his nomination. Virginia Madsen should have won for her category.

That was totally hilarious when it looked like Zach Braff wanted a hug from Teri Hatcher and got all fake-offended that he didn't. Garden State was good - kind of alternative-y, but amazing that Zach Braff wrote it as his 1st movie and starred in it.

Go Steelers - perhaps an all-Pennsylvania Super Bowl (my Boston friends would cringe hearing me say that)?

Anonymous said...

Why do you keep referring to your wife as 'The Wife'? You don't sound like you are too fond of her with the way that you refer to her and reference what she watches on tv.

Sean said...

That was somewhat of a harsh comment. I love my wife (previously referred to as "The Wife") and am very fond of her. We disagree on TV shows (for example, there is no chance I will watch American Idol tonight), but it gives me great topics for the blog. Plus, I don't want to use names in the blog unless it's some guy named Sean or someone famous (or famous for being on a reality show. Thanks for the comment, Anonymous (if that is your real name). :)