Sunday, January 23, 2005

Steelers Lose, World Ends

Well not quite. If you're reading this, you probably already know that the Steelers lost to New England 41-27. Surprisingly, I'm taking it OK, and I'm not sure why. Maybe because I was watching the game and able to commiserate with fellow Steeler fans. Maybe because the Steelers weren't expected to win (and were lucky to have as great a season as they did). Maybe because the Steelers got lucky to beat the Jets last week. Maybe because New England really is the better team. Of course, if I was at the game or had money on it, I would feel much worse. Anyway, going to work is going to suck tomorrow.

One note on the game: Joe Namath should have his own TV show. Really, there's dozens of reality TV shows, so why can't he have one? Last year, he was interviewed on ESPN during the Steelers-Jets game. Not only was he drunk and slurring his words, but he was also hitting on ESPN reporter, Suzy Kolber. For no apparent reason, he was on stage tonight to present the Patriots with the AFC Championship trophy. I may have heard it wrong, but I think he called the Patriots owner (Robert/Bob Kraft), Tom. He then continued to ramble through a congratulatory message. Highly entertaining. Plus he is the most famous person to ever come from my father's hometown. That's got to be worth a show on the NFL Network or ESPN2.

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