Sunday, August 25, 2013

My Good Deed Is Your Gain

I did a good thing today by donating blood. Fortunately, this was through a neighborhood blood drive administered by Inova Blood Donor Services and not some type of vampire blood drive. (By the way, if you search "vampire blood drive" in YouTube, you get the GEICO commercial and then a bunch of videos from something called "My Babysitter's a Vampire.")

Anyway, for giving blood, I received two tickets for the Wednesday, August 28th Washington Nationals game against the Florida Miami Marlins. I don't think the tickets are very good (section 409, row M), but they're free. The problem is that I'm not available to attend this 7:05 game. Therefore, I'm giving the tickets away as part of a Brand New Contest!

To enter, simply submit a comment in the comments section between now and 8:30 9:00 PM tonight (Sunday. 8/25). You can comment on what you think My Babysitter's a Vampire is about or provide some critical plot point about the movie (TV show?). Have fun with it! Please also leave a way for me to contact you if I don't already know you. One entry per person, and I will use to select the winner.

Depending on the timing and where you live, perhaps I can meet you to give you the tickets. More likely is that I can mail the tickets first thing Monday morning and hope that you receive the tickets prior to the game. Good luck!

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Sean said...

Worst contest ever (said in the Comic Store Guy's voice).