Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Blog Log Express Fail

When I posed the question earlier this year asking if the DC Blogging community is dead, I received some excellent and thoughtful responses about the difference between the blogging community now compared to several years ago. What I did not mention in the post and none of the commenters mentioned was the role Express played in the blogging community. Specifically, for many years now, Express features a daily "Blog Log" highlighting some of the best posts around the web. It was an awesome experience seeing one of your blog posts in print or seeing one of the blogs you read receive extra attention.

Over the past few years, the Blog Log incorporated various Tweets. While sending Tweets on Twitter is completely different than writing a blog post and takes away from the Blog Log name, I understand including Tweets in Express since it's 2013. However, today's Blog Log is just a little ridiculous.

Yes, the Blog Log features two Tweets and two comments on posts. Essentially, there is no content in the Blog Log written by actual bloggers. I don't know what the mission or purpose of Blog Log is supposed to be, but I think Express is doing it wrong. At a minimum, it's time to change the name.

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