Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tuesday Links (OFTOT's Back. All Right!)

I've written Sean's Ramblings for over eight years and read blogs for even longer. I tend to read blogs that have been around for a significant period of time, so even the "new" blogs that I read are new to me even though they may have been around for several years. Over the years, many of my favorite blogs have gone away. While I'm often saddened when blogs go away, I understand that bloggers get busy with life or get burned out and that's the end of their blogs. Therefore, I am extremely excited that one of my favorite blogs, One For The Other Thumb, returned after an 18+ month absence. I don't recall another blog coming back after this long of a hiatus, so welcome back Cotter!

This is Cotter's first post announcing his return. [OFTOT]

I couldn't figure out why Deadspin showed this video. Then, I noticed the guys on the left in the Minnesota Twins bullpen and couldn't stop smiling. [Deadspin]

Mazel Tov to Josh on his engagement! [Ngewo's World]

Captain Wild Bill of the Discovery Channel’s "Deadliest Catch" hijacked a Just Ducky Tour Boat. [YaJagoff!]

Want to see people dressed up like Godzilla at G-Fest? You got it. [Away From The Things Of Man]

The cool story behind Behind The Steel Curtain's "The Renegade." [BTSC]

Debbie Gibson is playing in Youngstown, but she still hasn't done a show in DC. [Debbie Gibson]

Finally, despite this great catch, why does the a Wiffle Ball tournament need an announcer? [Deadspin]

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