Monday, August 19, 2013

Random Driving Question

Have you ever thought about how many miles you have driven in your life or is this another of my random questions? I started driving at 16, meaning that I've had a license for 22 years. Most car companies offer warranties based on driving 12,000 miles per year, so the rough estimate is that my lifetime driving total is about 264,000 miles. I didn't have my own car for the first four years of having a license, so I'm sure I drove well below 12,000 miles in those years. However, for the two years I lived in San Diego, I definitely exceeded 12,000 miles per year not including the miles I drove as part of my 1997 summer road trip and the drive to and from San Diego and Pittsburgh. Although my commute from my apartment to Ohio State wasn't far, I feel like I put on a significant amount of miles during my two years in Columbus including a road trip to Charlotte and drives to Pittsburgh.

Therefore, in my mind, 264,000 miles seems low. While I rely on the bus and Metro these days, I tend to drive whenever the entire family goes somewhere. So to go back to my original question: have you ever thought about miles you have driven in your life? Please note that I'm not counting the miles where you have been a passenger in a car or bus; simply those where you are behind the wheel.

Stay tuned for my next post where I consider how many miles I have walked/ran while working as a soccer referee!

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Josh Croyle said...

According to that figure I should have driven 192,000 miles. My current car has 150,000 on it.

I put about 29,000 on my first car. In between there I had a few other cars, or driving friends/family cars. I probably put 50,000 in that period.