Thursday, August 08, 2013

Ziggy & My Son

It has to be difficult being a cat living in the same home as a toddler. You used to get all the attention, and then this little crying "thing" appears. You're not #1 anymore. This crying child gets bigger and becomes mobile, so you have to keep alert at all times. There's this really comfortable mattress with a blanket and stuffed animals, but you're not allowed in there. All you want is some time alone with your "dad," but that only happens in the evening when everyone else is asleep. (This last sentence sounds really creepy. Basically, a few times a week, Ziggy curls up next to me or sits on my lap when I'm sitting on the couch.)

So this is the life of Ziggy. He definitely doesn't get the attention that he used to receive, but he handles it well. He knows that he's still loved. My son loves Ziggy and tries to give him hugs. We constantly use the words soft and gentle when he approaches Ziggy and hopefully these messages are getting through. Unfortunately, my son has hit Ziggy on several occasions. While I let him get away with a lot, there is zero tolerance for hitting Ziggy. This is automatic time-out offense. To Ziggy's credit, he has never retaliated.

I guess living with a toddler does have its advantages. Ziggy does sleep in the crib at times (never when my son is in there) and he particularly enjoys sleeping on the changing table. Plus, he seems to like the rug in my son's room.

(Yes, this entire post was an excuse to share these pictures.)

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