Friday, March 29, 2013

2013 Celebrate Fairfax Headliners

Major announcement that you're reading here first (unless you follow Celebrate Fairfax on Facebook or follow the bands). The Summerland Tour featuring Everclear, Live, Filter and Sponge is coming to Celebrate Fairfax on Friday, June 7th!

I don't think this video truly sells the show. Anyway, Everclear and Live were two of the biggest bands in the 90s. Live played a free concert at Ithaca College during my freshman year. They had just released the single Selling the Drama and didn't have a a big following at the time. I skipped the concert to play in an intramural soccer game. During my sophomore year, Live played a non-free show at Cornell and sold out. I didn't see Live then either, so I'm excited to see them in June. Meanwhile, Everclear performed a great show at Celebrate Fairfax about ten years ago. While either working or volunteering at the festival, I was asked to make copies of the set list for the band and crew. I'm letting you in on a secret. I made a copy for myself and still have it somewhere. Perhaps I can sell it on eBay for millions!

As for Filter, I really like Take a Picture. Random thought about this song: You think the lead singer has/had some issues with his father? I wonder if the song helped bring the two of them together.

I didn't think that I ever heard of Sponge, but I definitely recognize this song, Plowed.

Although the rest of the weekend's headliners haven't been announced yet, though I will post the information here when available, early bird tickets go on sale on April 5th on the Celebrate Fairfax website.

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