Thursday, March 21, 2013

TMI Thursday: My Crush on the Pink Power Ranger

Today is the first day of the NCAA Tournament, so naturally, I'm writing about something completely unrelated. Although I either had class or my on-campus job during most afternoons when I was in college (approximately 100 years ago), at least once a week I was able to go back to my residence hall room before dinner. During this time, I turned on Animaniacs and laid down in bed usually falling asleep. When this occurred, I was often awaken by some type of battle featuring The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on the television. I never quite figured out the plot, but if I remember correctly, there were six power rangers (not related to the New York Rangers or Texas Rangers) who would fight some type of giant robot or monster. I think the power rangers went undefeated.

Anyway, one of the power rangers was Amy Jo Johnson, the not unattractive pink ranger.

I had a crush on the pink ranger. Maybe not to the level of Debbie Gibson, but I was a big fan. I think I even tried to pass her a note in homeroom. A few years after her role on the Power Rangers, Amy Jo played Keri Russell's roommate on Felicity. Sure, she was in her late 20s at the time, but I guess she passed as a college freshman.

I haven't really followed Amy Jo's career since Felicity though according to IMDB, she spent the past few years in the Canadian TV series, Flashpoint. She is also the star and producer for the new short film Bent.

I also discovered that Amy Jo is on Twitter. At this time, I will not confirm or deny that I started following her. So, um, Amy Jo, will you follow me on Twitter?

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