Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Trivia Tuesday: NCAA Tournament Teams Edition

We're in the middle of the NCAA Tournament with some usual (Duke, Kansas, Ohio State) and unusual (Wichita State, LaSalle, Florida Gulf Coast) teams reaching the Sweet 16. Your challenge this week is to name the nicknames of the colleges that reached the NCAA Tournament listed below.

1. Wichita State

2. Albany

3. Florida Gulf Coast

4. San Diego State

5. Harvard

6. Iona

7. Pacific

8. Valparaiso

9. Akron

10. Western Kentucky

11. South Dakota State

12. Montana

As always please leave your answers in the comments section below and do not use the internet for assistance. Good luck!


Nichole Fisher said...

5. Crimson
6. Gaels

Sean said...

Nicely done, Nichole! Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like anyone else wants to participate in this week's Trivia Tuesday.

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?