Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Links

I'm still seeking nominations for the 4th Annual Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament. Please let me know if you know of worthy Pittsburgh sports blogs. [Sean's Ramblings]

If you have an extra copy of The Great Gatsby, send the book to Mr. Brame for his high school English class. [Mr. Brame's Blog]

Support Make Room for Kids for Austin’s Playroom Project through the Mario Lemieux Foundation at Pittsburgh's Children's Hospital. [That's Church]

Get your Valentine's Day T-shirt. [Get Fresh Designs]

Two great parenting posts. [Lemon Gloria & Deadspin - some bad words in the Deadspin piece]

Laurie visited Parkway Center Mall and the Carnegie Museum [YinzR Readin & YinzR Readin]

A guy paid off $3000 in credit card debt in four months. The author is serious, but the comments are very funny. Here's one:

He didn't come up with some big plan to pay off an enormous amount of debt in three weeks. He only owed $3,000 and he basically had it in savings and tax returns. WOW! What a revolutionary idea to solve our debt problems. [Yahoo]

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