Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2012 Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament: Sweet 16 Round

We're on to the Sweet 16 round of the 4th annual Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament. Not too many upsets in the first round, so I think everyone still has a good chance on winning their own Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament polls.

Here is your latest bracket:

Voting for the Sweet 16 round begins now and runs through tomorrow (Thursday) at 9:00 PM Eastern time. Please make sure to visit all of the blogs in the tournament as well as the other Pittsburgh sports blogs included in the links section of my blog. You may begin voting (dramatic pause)!

Walter Abercrombie Division

#1 Behind the Steel Curtain vs. #5 The "Mc" Effect

#2 Pittsburgh Sports & Mini Ponies vs. #6 SteelerGurl

Vonteego Cummings Division

#1 Steelers Depot vs. #5 Rum Bunter

#3 Three Rivers Burgh Blog vs. #7 This Is Getting Old

Dave Clark Division

#1 Where Have You Gone, Andy Van Slyke vs. #5 Faceoff Factor

#2 That's Church vs. #3 Blog 'N' Gold

Kip Miller Division

#1 Empty Netters vs. #5 Pitt Script

#2 Raise the Jolly Roger vs. #6 Blitzburgh

Good luck to all of the blogs in the tournament and thanks to Cotter for designing this incredible logo.

Update: The amazing Sweet 16 round is now complete. Thanks to everyone for voting! The Elite 8 round will begin on Monday.


Anonymous said...

This is weak, Mc Effect is cheating and reaching out to Twitter and people who don't read either blog, trying to gain the upperhand...

Dom Errico said...

What's stopping Behind The Steel Curtain from doing the same? Plus BTSC has almost 2000 more followers on Twitter.

Just saying...

Anonymous said...

If they follow him on twitter, chances are they read his stuff from time to time. Nothing wrong with that

Anonymous said...

Don't be jealous because the "McEffect" is cooler than you'll ever be. The dude is legit and knows Pirates baseball so get off his back. He has a lot of followers so of course they are going to vote for him hence his many votes.

Anonymous said...

BTSC knows their Steelers. And yes, they pulled if off (or as it seems, seeing as there is no secret last minute surge of 350+ votes).