Wednesday, February 15, 2012

4th Annual Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament Bracket

Welcome to the 4th Annual Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament! This is a celebration of Pittsburgh sports and a wonderful blogging community that I don’t think exists anywhere else. There are some extremely talented writers here, and I encourage you to visit each of the participants' websites (if you don't already regularly visit all 32 of these blogs).

With that, I am proud to present the 2012 bracket:

If you wonder why a blog isn’t included in this year’s tournament (ex. The PensBlog, Bucs Dugout, Pirates Prospects, Dejan Kovacevic’s Blog), please click here for the eligibility requirements.

So, get your office pools together to fill out your brackets! (Yahoo or ESPN should jump all over the opportunity to start a Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament Pick ‘em contest.)

First round voting in the Walter Abercrombie and Vonteego Cummings divisions starts tomorrow (Thursday) morning and runs through Friday evening. First round voting in the Dave Clark and Kip Miller divisions begin on Monday.

If you know of any blogs, websites, or organizations that may be interested in becoming the first ever Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament sponsor, please contact me at seanramblings at yahoo[dot]com. In addition, I’m looking for someone to create a virtual trophy for this tournament, so anyone who can do this can also contact me at the e-mail address listed in the previous sentence. I’ll be happy to include a link to the website of the best trophy.

Finally, you can follow this tournament on Twitter through #PghSportsBlogTourney

Good luck to all of the blogs in the tournament and thanks to Cotter for designing this incredible logo.


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Anonymous said...

No Pirates Prospects or Bucs Dugout?

Sean said...

GFD - I understand. Maybe next year.

Anonymous - Pirates Prospects and Bucs Dugout are previous winners, so they were not eligible this year.