Thursday, February 16, 2012

2012 Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament: First Round Part I

The first round of the 4th annual Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament is now underway. Voting for the Walter Abercrombie and Vonteego Cummings divisions start now and run through tomorrow (Friday) at 6:00 PM Eastern time. Voting for the Dave Clark and Kip Miller divisions begin on Monday.

If you're new to the Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament, please click here for the eligibility requirements and more information about this tournament. Once again, this tournament is designed to be fun and entertaining. Therefore, please don't cheat!

Here is your 2012 bracket:

Let the games begin!

Walter Abercrombie Division

#1 Behind the Steel Curtain vs. #8 Hyzdu Headquarters

#4 Pitt Blather vs. #5 The "Mc" Effect

#3 Bob Smizik's Blog vs. #6 SteelerGurl

#2 Pittsburgh Sports & Mini Ponies vs. #7 Igloo Dreams

Vonteego Cummings Division

#1 Steelers Depot vs. #8 Puck Huffers

#4 Pens Universe vs. #5 Rum Bunter

#3 Three Rivers Burgh Blog vs. #6 Steelers Lounge

#2 PensBurgh vs. #7 This Is Getting Old

Good luck to all of the blogs in the tournament and thanks to Cotter for designing this incredible logo.

Update: 2/17 @ 6:00 PM - Voting for part one of the first round is now complete. Thanks to everyone for voting and for supporting these great blogs. Voting for the second part of the first round will begin on Monday morning.


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