Thursday, April 21, 2011

Express Hates Passover

This is a different type of Washington Post Express Fail than other posts I've had in the past. In Tuesday's paper on the first day of Passover, Express dedicated an entire page in its Fit Section to bread and cupcakes.

Bread and cupcakes are two items that are certainly not Kosher for Passover. Express couldn't have printed these articles prior to or after Passover?

If you're wondering, yes, I am tired of matzah already.

Completely unrelated to Passover, now through tomorrow (Friday), Celebrate Fairfax is offering an early bird special on tickets for the June 10-12 festival. Adult tickets are only $7 and youth tickets are only $4. Please let me know if you can buy tickets to see Third Eye Blind, The Bangles or The Legwarmers for only $7. Didn't think so.

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