Thursday, April 14, 2011

Brooks Orpik Welcomes Steven Stamkos To NHL Playoffs

Tampa Bay Lightning Center Steven Stamkos has lived up to and exceeded the expectations of being a #1 overall draft pick. Stamkos scored 119 goals in just three NHL seasons including 51 goals during the 2009-2010 season and 45 goals this year. Based in part on his individual success, Tampa Bay earned a playoff berth as the #5-seed in the Eastern conference. As a result, Tampa Bay faces the Pittsburgh Penguins in round one.

Steven Stamkos: Welcome to the playoffs. XOXO - Brooks Orpik

The Penguins won game one of the series last night by a score of 3-0 thanks to Marc-Andre Fleury's 32 saves and a solid defensive effort by Orpik and company. I love playoff hockey! Oh, Mr. Stamkos. Don't feel bad about getting hit by Orpik. It's happened many times before.

This video from the Stanley Cup finals a few years ago gives me goose bumps.

Go Pens!

More about the game is available at ESPN and the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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dve said...

Oh man, I was at Game 3 for that. Seeing all the free candy that Orpik was dishing out was amazing. It was awesome!