Friday, April 08, 2011

Ithaca College Mascot Finalists

Ithaca College is in the final stages of its mascot search. After receiving 250 mascot suggestions, IC announced the following three finalists this week:

Mascot Finalist A: The Phoenix

Mascot Finalist B: The Flying Squirrel

Mascot Finalist C: The Lake Beast

Yesterday, the school sent a survey to students, faculty, staff and alumni to receive feedback to help determine which finalist will become the official IC mascot and carry the Bombers name. Even though you likely have nothing to do with Ithaca College, I thought I would open this up to you. What do you think?

Please note that as stated on the IC mascot page, "as you view each of these videos and read each of their supporting statements, we caution against reacting solely to the draft logos shown briefly at the end. These logos are early concepts of the way the final graphics may be portrayed for the selected mascot. Once a mascot is chosen this summer, the final logo (and then a costume) will be further refined based on suggestions and responses from the community throughout this process."


Anonymous said...

Of the three I have to say that either the Phoenix or the Beast are best suited for the "Bomber Pride." Somehow, I don't see a cute squirrel depicting much respect at a sporting event.
Phoenix - constantly evolving and forever loyal

Beast - Legendary, strong and ellusive.

Take your pick, I think either one would depict the Pride of being a Bomber.

AN said...

Sad to see that the videos are no longer available for viewing.