Friday, August 06, 2010

My First Steelers Training Camp Post

Occasionally, I consider myself as the writer of a Pittsburgh sports blog. Based on my posts the last few months, this is certainly not the case. So with that written, here are a few things about the Steelers (and other stuff).

Join Tec and Cotter for their annual trip to Latrobe for Steelers training camp. If you aren’t able to catch up with them on their Facebook page, just look for two guys wearing Steelers jerseys. That shouldn’t be a problem.

Of course, if you plan on attending training camp this weekend, Saturday is not the day to go as the entire team is traveling to Canton, Ohio for Dick LeBeau’s Hall of Fame induction. [USA Today h/t Behind the Steel Curtain]

Dick LeBeau was also a pretty good football player at Ohio State and Detroit. [Columbus Dispatch]

Steelers N’ At provides a guide to purchasing your next Steelers jersey. I’m fine with my Louis Lipps jersey, thank you. [Steelers N' At]

A relationship ended because someone didn’t want to deal with the long distance between Reston and DC. Perhaps they’ll get back together when Metro’s Silver Line is complete. To my knowledge, this has nothing to do with the Steelers. [Restonian]

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