Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Trivia Tuesday

Your challenge this week is to identify answers that begin and end with the letter "O." For example, what state’s college football team regularly defeats the University Michigan? While there are multiple answers to this question, we’re looking for this (Ohio):

1. Nabisco developed this ‘sandwich cookie’ in 1912.

2. An herb from the Lamiaceae family often used in Turkish, Greek, Spanish, and Italian cooking.

3. A musical composition, usually based on sacred texts, such as Handel’s “Messiah,” that uses orchestra, choir and soloists.

4. The first name of Springfield Elementary School bus driver Mr. Mann.

5. A 1,336-mile-long river that runs mostly through Venezuela.

6. Florida’s third-largest city after Miami and Tampa.

7. Its third-largest city is Mississauga. The top two have NHL teams.

8. In 1925, this northern European capital changed its name from Kristiania back to its original name.

9. A Greek anise-flavored spirit.

10. The Bengals’ Chad Johnson had his surname changed to this, his jersey number in poor Spanish.

As always, please leave your answers in the comments section below and do not search the internet for answers. This quiz is courtesy of the fine folks at Stump Trivia.

Photo (by Jay Hansen of The OSU Alumni Association) of Ohio State's four living Heisman Trophy winners (l-r) Hop Cassady, Archie Griffin, Eddie George, and Troy Smith performing O-H-I-O at the Columbus Sports Commission's "Morning Sports Report" program on Tuesday, June 22, at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.


Hand of Godard said...

1. Oreo
4. Olanzo?
6. Orlando
7. Ontario
9. Ouzo
10. Ochocinco

nichole said...

1. oreo
2. oregano
3. oratorio
5. orinoco
6. orlando
7. ontario
8. oslo
9. ouzo
10. ochocinco

Gilahi said...

Well, since I'm amazed no one has gotten #4 yet, I'll jump in:

4. Otto

Sean said...

Very nicely done Hand of Godard, Nichole & Gilahi! I actually don't have the answers in front of me, so I'll say that we're 10 for 10.