Sunday, August 08, 2010

Congratulations Dick LeBeau!

I'm not sure that I've ever been this excited for someone to be enshrined into a Hall of Fame. After playing 14 seasons with the Detroit Lions accumulating 62 interceptions, third all-time among pure cornerbacks (think about how amazing that statistic is considering that passing is a much bigger part of the game than it was during LeBeau's playing days), and working as an NFL coach for over 35 years, including an extremely impressive run as the Steelers' Defensive Coordinator, LeBeau entering the NFL Hall of Fame is well-deserved.

Take a look at this historic day from around the country:

This is LeBeau's Hall of Fame speech. I wish that would let me embed the video. []

Bengals' coach Marvin Lewis admires LeBeau [Cincinnati Enquirer]

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette; the Detroit Free Press; the Columbus Dispatch; and ESPN (the AFC North Blog) have more.

Plus, here are a few Tweets from members of the Pittsburgh Steelers:

OK, the last one doesn't have anything to do with Coach LeBeau, but I like Timmons' insights.

Photo by Peter Diana/Post-Gazette

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Marc said...

I drove to Pgh for the XL Super Bowl rally. Without a doubt the best memory I took was screaming "DEFENSE DEFENSE!!!" nose-to-nose with Lebeau. He was SO into that scene, grabbing fans and smiling and yelling. Just awesome. Congrats to the King of Defense!