Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Trivia Tuesday

I have had a Yahoo e-mail account for nearly 10 years. While this particular e-mail address is no longer my primary account, it is essentially my all-purpose/utility infielder e-mail. Whenever I sign up for something, I do so using this Yahoo e-mail. Therefore, I receive regular e-mails from airlines, hotels, restaurants, sports teams, and more. Last night, someone or something managed to send an e-mail from this account to many of my contacts with no subject and simply a link. One of my friends actually clicked on this link and told me it was for a website selling Viagra. Lovely. While I contacted Yahoo and changed my password, I may need to get rid of this e-mail. I'm reluctant to do so since there are personal messages in there from years past that I don't want to lose. However, if spam messages are sent from this e-mail again, it's D-U-N, done.

So this paragraph is a long way of writing that I don't really have a Trivia Tuesday this week. Therefore, I made up my own based on current events.

1. 86-year-old 84 Lumber founder Joe Hardy married for the fourth time on Saturday. How old is his new wife?

2. What was Brittany Murphy's best film?

3. What part of Monday night's Giants-Redskins game made me laugh out loud?

4. The Federal government and nearly every school in the DC area closed on Monday due to the 20+ inches of now in the region. We received an e-mail on Sunday night from Target saying that they would be open on Monday. What time did Target open?

5. How many times did I shave over the last three days (Saturday, Sunday & Monday)?

6. How many members of the Woodland Hills High School football team are currently playing in the NFL? (Bonus: name them)

7. Pittsburgh Steelers WR Limas Sweed was placed on injured reserve ending his disappointing season. Where does he rank in on the team in catches and receiving yards?

8. Have you seen Avatar? If so, is it worth seeing?

As always, please leave your responses in the comments section below and do not use the internet for answers. Good luck!


carissajaded said...

2. Factory girl is one of my favorite's of Brittany's. Also Clueless, of course. I loved that girl and she will surely be missed.

5... NONE??

8. I loved Avatar. Definitely worth seeing. Try to see it 3D if possible...

Brendon said...

1. 51
2. Clueless
3. Anytime John Madden talks
4. 2 P.M.
5. once
6. 4
7. Right behind Casey Hampton
8. No

neena said...

1. 34
2. Girl, Interrupted.
3. The botched trick play to end the first half.
4. 8AM
5. Big Fat Zero
6. 5. Mundy, Jason Taylor, ?, ?, ?
7. Bottom of the barrel
8. Have not. I've heard that it's pretty awesome.

LeeTunnel said...

1. Knowing Joe - new wife < 40.
2. Who knows.
3. The worst part was having to hear ESPN radio talk about it incessantly Tuesday.
4. Noon.
5. 3x
6. The only one I can think of is Steve Breston.
7. Tied for last with all others -zero.
8. Heard it was good.

Sean said...

Let's get to this week's answers:

1. Hand of Godard got this exactly right. Joe Hardy's new wife is 51, significantly older than wife #3 who was 26 (I think).

2. I will accept all of those answers including Lee Tunnel's Who Knows. I'm not familiar with that film, but I'm sure she was great. We would also have accepted Happy Feet, the movie that honored Mario, Sid and the entire Pittsburgh Penguins.

3. Neena is correct. That swinging gate where the punter rolled right only to be attacked by 3 Giants defensive players. He threw the ball up for grabs but there were no Redskins close to the ball. I really hoped that the Giants returned the interception for a TD. Funniest football play EVER!

4. Even with everything closed, Target opened at 7:00AM!

5. CarissaJaded & Neena are correct. I have shaved over the last two days so Movember has not been followed by Beardember!

6. Neena is correct that there are 5 WHHS grads in the NFL. Mundy (Steelers); Breaston (Cardinals); Spencer (49ers); Jason Taylor & Pollite (Dolphins).

7. Limas actually had 1 catch for 5 yards this season, so he does rank ahead of Casey Hampton. He has less catches and yards than FB/TE David Johnson but slighlty more than WPXI's David Johnson.

8. Carissa says see it. I'm still not sure.

Thanks for playing! Happy Holidays!