Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Greatest Mustaches In History: Movember Concludes

As December begins, Movember sadly comes to an end. Thank you to everyone who donated to the Movember Foundation on my behalf (over $125 was raised!) and for those of you who had to see my mustache frequently or even infrequently. I'll have more about Movember momentarily, but as promised by the title, I'd like to introduce the greatest mustaches in history.

Father Ramblings

Sean on Day 28

Now I'd like to share my transformation from mustache man to clean-shaven.

Yes, Ziggy was fascinated with watching little pieces of hair fall from my face into the sink.

There are definitely pros and cons to growing a mustache. I look older with one and it was itchy at times. However, I thought it looked pretty good at the end, and I've noticed that I really miss rubbing my mustache with my finger while reading or thinking. (I know that sentence sounds strange but I'm sure some of you curl your hair while reading or do something else with your hands.)

Thanks again to everyone who donated to this wonderful cause and to the other Mo Bros out there. Plus, it's not too late to donate to Movember which benefits the Prostate Cancer Foundation and Livestrong Foundation. Just click on this link.

To prove that I wasn't alone in growing a mustache, here's a little more about Movember:

ABC News presented a feature about Movember: Movember: Men Grow Moustaches for Cancer Awareness

Players on the Minnesota Wild participated as did Washington Capitals' Brendan Morrison and Shaone Morrisonn [DC Sports Bog]

Although not associated with Movember, Anaheim hockey player George Parros launched a 'Stache gear line. [h/t Hand of Godard via Empty Netters]


Marc said...

So Hitler didn't make your great mustaches in history List?

Sean said...

Not quite.

carissajade said...

Nice job Sean!! I think your mustache turned out fabulous! And congrats for raising so much money!!!

Sean said...

Thanks carissa for your support over the entire month. I needed the encouragement!