Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Analyzing Britney Spears' 3

Britney Spears recently released the song titled 3 off of her second greatest hits album, The Singles Collection. I have to admit that I was not expecting Britney to release a children's song though that is understandable as she is the mother of two young children. I applaud her efforts to teach kids the importance of counting and sharing and the number three. (If you're not familiar with the song, the video is at the bottom of this post.) Let's take a look at her lyrics:

1, 2, 3
This is the proper way to learn how to count. Start with the basics.

not only you and me
If it was just you and me, that would be two.

Got one eighty degrees
I'll be honest in that I don't understand this line. However, by searching 180 degrees in Google, the first result is for 180 Degrees, Inc., a Minneapolis non-profit that "has been providing intervention, prevention and supportive services to juvenile and adults since 1973." In that case, bravo to Britney for pointing out the important work of this organization.

And I'm caught in between
You can't be caught in between with just two. The number two is caught in between 1 and 3.


1, 2, 3

Peter, Paul & Mary
A tribute to the late Mary Travers. Maybe this will encourage a new generation to learn more about this inspiring musical group.

Gettin' down with 3p
Sesame Street was brought to you by number 3 and letter p the day this song was written.

Everybody loves (oh)
and the letter o

Yes, everybody loves counting!

(The previous portion of the song is the chorus.)

Babe, pick a night
Perhaps, Britney wants kids to learn about the seven days of the week too.

To come out and play
Great line. Britney wants kids to know that counting can be and should be fun. This could also be a tribute to the band, Offspring.

If it's alright
Obviously, you should check with your parents before going over to a friend's home.

What do you say?
Hopefully yes.

Merrier the more
To get you into the holiday spirit.

Triple fun that way
Not just fun or double fun. Triple fun is even, um, funner!

Twister on the floor
Not only will you learn to count, you can play Twister which helps you with colors and coordination.

What do you say?
Again, yes. (Plus, say rhymes with way.)

Are - you in
Britney is really applying the peer pressure.

Livin' in sin is the new thing (yeah)
Some cultures discourage women to learn. Britney sings that these women should learn. It may be a sin to some people, but it shouldn't be.

Are - you in
She's going to keep asking until you say yes.

I am countin'!
She is counting and wants you to join her.


Three is a charm
Actually three's company but Britney couldn't use that line due to the show's trademark.

Two is not the same
Correct. Two is not the same as three.

I don't see the harm
Seriously, what's the harm in counting?

So are you game?
Just another way of asking if you're in.

Lets' make a team
You can't have a team of one.

Make 'em say my name
That could be part of the game. 1 = Britney; 2 = you; 3 = another person.

Lovin' the extreme
I got nothing on this line.

Now are you game?
She's really applying the peer pressure!

Are - you in
Britney will not give up!

Livin' in sin is the new thing
We addressed this earlier, but using the word "sin" is a reference to letting adults know that it's okay to like this song intended for kids.

yeah Are - you in
OK, asking us again and again is not going to change our answer!

I am countin'!
And back to counting.


(2nd chorus is slightly different with the two lines below replacing "Got one eighty degrees" and "Gettin' down with 3p" respectively)

Got one minute of dreams
Unlike Fiona Apple, Britney wants you to know that she does go to sleep to dream.

Gettin' down with repeat
She wanted to say three-peat, but former Los Angeles Lakers coach Pat Riley has this trademarked.

What we do is innocent
Counting. Learning numbers. Innocent!

Just for fun and nothin' meant
Don't discourage the kids into thinking this is learning is not fun. Learning is fun!

If you don't like the company
With three people, there's always a chance you won't like one of them. Let's call the guy you don't like, Brady.

Let's just do it you and me
But everything is fine since with just the two of you.

You and me
Just reiterating you and me.

Or three
We can ask another person not named Brady.

Or four
or two other people, none of whom are Brady.

- On the floor
Well, duh. You can't play Twister on a roof or in the air.


So there you have it: Britney's first children's song. Plus, here's the video, which isn't quite as kid-friendly.


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carissajaded said...

HAHAHAHAHA at first I was like "Britney good for her, writing for the kids!"

Great post. lovessss it.

Brendon said...

If I had a dollar for every time a girl asked me "are you in?"...

I'm sure she says that a lot more now that she has two kids.

Captain Easychord said...

those were precious moments of your life that you'll never get back...

Messiah said...

Thanks, Sean! Now I have a new song to play for the triplets' annual video montage next year. "Three Is the Magic Number" was getting old.

Sean said...

lacochran - I was being kind to Britney. I'm sure she appreciates the positive story written about her music here as opposed to anything about her personal life elsewhere.

carissajaded - Thank you!

Hand of Godard - If I had a dollar for every time a girl asked me "are you in?", I might have $1.

Captain - You have no idea how many precious moments of my life I have spent writing this blog. However, seeing Messiah's comment and how this song could be useful for his triplets, makes it all worth it!