Thursday, December 10, 2009

TMI Thursday: Trip to the Doctor’s

Let me preface this post by writing that I am fine. I don’t have the swine flu, Bubonic plague or the dreaded Salahi disease.* This trip to my doctor was for my annual physical. The good news is that my weight is slightly down from last year and my cholesterol, which was fairly high a few years ago, is at a good level. The bad news is that the growth spurt I’ve been hoping for didn’t occur this year.

When the doctor completed the physical and started to leave, I asked him about getting a Tetanus shot since it’s been about 10 years since I had one. He replied that I had one recently. I did? He pulled out my record and showed a fax that I received a Tetanus shot*** on July 2, 2009 from someplace called Travel Clinic. I was confused. Did I have a Tetanus shot but forget? Where was I on July 2nd? Wait a minute. I’ve never heard of a place called Travel Clinic. And why was my name not on this fax. In fact, there was no patient name on the fax. What is it doing in my records? The doctor told me to sort it out with Travel Clinic and to come back another day if I needed the shot.

I called Travel Clinic later that day and explained the situation. They looked up their records and hadn’t heard of me either. So now I need to go back to my doctor’s office, which is 35-minutes away from my home without Beltway traffic, to get the Tetanus shot. Moral of the story: I need a new doctor!

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* No one is going to understand this joke in three weeks.** Don’t believe me? What is the last name of the balloon boy family?

** A friend of mine wants the entire Tareq and Michaele Salahi incident to be called Gategate. I don’t think it’s going to stick. (I need a ruling from Lacochran to make sure that this is acceptable use of asterisks.)

*** Tetanus shots would be much more fun if they were Tetris shots. Imagine the possibilities of moving around squares and L-shaped pieces!


lacochran said...

"The bad news is that the growth spurt I’ve been hoping for didn’t occur this year."


Sure you're not mixing up your records? "Travel Clinic" sounds like something that might give Ziggy a shot.

Not only "acceptable use" but exceptional use! This post has the Lacochran stamp of approval!

wv: baruzzle--the low, manly sound you make to cover the fact that you started to shriek when they put the needle in.

carissajaded said...

Your doctor is not the only sucky one!! I was having back pain so went to get it checked out. The doctor got my charts sent over from my other woman doctor. He called me in and spent a good hour telling me i needed my gallbladder out and scheduled an appt...

I freaked out...

Only, later I find out he was reading the wrong chart, I'm fine!!!

rachaelgking said...

You're doubly unlucky... Tetanus shots hurt like a biatch!

Thanks for the special shout out ;-)

Sean said...

Lacochran- I am honored to receive your stamp of approval! Oh to answer your question, I don't think Ziggy ever received a Tetanus shot.

Carissajaded - You had a great reason to be freaked out. That's scary!

Lilu - You're welcome. I'll probably get the shot between Christmas & New Year's. Should be fun.