Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Vienna Metro

This post is specifically for folks in the Washington DC area who use the Vienna Metro station. Assuming that the move and everything else works out, I will begin using this station for my daily commute next month. I know very little about this station, so I need some help on the following questions:

* How early do I need to get to Vienna to get a parking spot?
* Where is the best place to park (I remember there being a garage and an outdoor lot)?
* If I'm too late, are there any other parking options around the Metro station?
* How much is parking these days?
* Besides I-66, is there any way to get to Vienna from the Fair Lakes/Fair Oaks area?
* I will likely take a bus to Vienna most days. Is there a specific bus area? If so, or even if not, how easy/hard is it to find my bus? (For example West Falls Church is manageable; the bus area outside the Pentagon seems to extend for miles.)

Thanks for your help!

Photo from Wikipedia

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