Friday, October 09, 2009

Historic Photos of Washington DC Monuments

I love Turner Publishing. Over the past few years, they have sent me Historic Photos of Theodore Roosevelt and Historic Photos of Washington, DC for free in exchange for me promoting these books on this blog. Now, they sent me a copy of their latest release titled Historic Photos of Washington, DC Monuments.

This book is now located prominently on one of our few remaining bookshelves. With our home officially going on the market today, I expect that people will notice the book as they walk through. Maybe they'll be so enthralled by the book that they'll offer us even more than the selling price. I'm sure that we could work out a deal where the book would convey if asked.

While I may be getting a little carried away, it really is an awesome book. Seeing pictures of the DC mall from 75 and 100 years ago is fascinating. I particularly like the amazing pictures of the Lincoln Memorial being constructed. Photos of the Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial are also highlighted.

Anyway, thanks to Turner for sending me these books. If any other company wants to send me free stuff, I'm not above accepting gifts!

Finally, Turner Publishing is having a contest to win free books for a year. Click here to enter.


Brendon said...

If I win, I'm getting the Hepatitis C Cookbook just because I think it would freak out my mom when she comes over my house.

Sean said...

Um, Hand of Godard, I think that book may freak out more people than just your mom!