Thursday, October 15, 2009

TMI Thursday: New Toilet Story

Unlike my past posts regarding bathroom stories, this one is tame and can be classified as G-rated. Sorry to disappoint some of you!

I shared my frustration earlier this week about the fact our home recently went on the market but that no one contacted us about seeing it. Well, we had our first visitor yesterday. Although the realtor never called us, he either visited our home on his own or brought a client with him. All we know about his visit was that he left behind his business card, kept all of the lights on, and left the toilet seat up. While I could care less whether or not you keep your toilet seat up in our own home (you can tell that this is a male writing this blog), it seems rude to do this at someone else’s home particularly if the toilet seat was already down. This is especially the case in a home with a curious cat who likes to get into anything when he has a chance. Fortunately, this was not the result:

(Don't worry; the cat is sleeping in this picture...I think.)

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Big Mama Cass said...

See that would irritate me that they used the john in my house. I just think that is totally disrespectful. Whenever my house has been on the market, I am always peeeeeved when they left the seat up cause it means I knew what they were doing. Grrr :(

carissajaded said...

Now THAT is an awesome pic!!!

Sean said...

Big Mama - If someone is serious about buying a home, I think they should check out the toilet to make sure it works. With that written, I have avoided using other people's toilets on our search so far. Perhaps that's why we haven't found a new place yet! :) Being serious for a moment, if someone needs to go, I'm fine with that. However, leave the toilet (and the home) as it was when you entered.

Carissa - That is a fun picture and much nicer than the other options in Google images when you type "cat in toilet."