Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Trivia Tuesday

We haven’t been able to attend our usual trivia venue lately, so we tried a brand new place last week. The person running this particular trivia night handed every team a piece of paper containing 30 questions and told us that we had one hour to complete the paper and turn it in. I think I received the same directions for the SAT, except that we were allowed to talk this time. We won’t be going back there for trivia again. Anyway, your challenge this week is to answer the ten questions below. There is no theme whatsoever.

1. Billy Martin, Paul Thomas, and brothers Benji and Joel Madden burst on the contemporary music scene in 2000 as what band?

2. What Belgian company bid $46 billion for American brewing giant Anheuser-Bush in the spring of 2008.

3. In what western state are the falls and the city known as Great Falls?

4. What company introduced the Betamax Videocassette Recorder in 1975?

5. Who was the first sitting or former U.S. President to visit Cuba since Castro’s 1959 revolution when he did so in 2002?

6. What brand introduced the “Spicy Sweet Chili Chips” variety in 2008?

7. What building/decorative material is defined as “a thin mortar used for filling spaces?”

8. Which M*A*S*H character was often called “Ferret Face” by other characters?

9. In what 2001 romantic comedy did Freddie Prinze, Jr. portray an aspiring baseball pitcher who falls for a Cape Cod vacationer played by Jessica Biel?

10. Name two of the three universities whose stadiums have hosted a Super Bowl.

As always, please leave your answers in the comments section and don’t use the internet to search for answers. In case you're wondering, we scored a 7 out of 10, though we disagree with the answers for #10.

I would give the source of where I received these questions, but I'm not sure if I should share this since I'm advocating not going there for trivia. Comparing trivia and the SAT is certainly not an endorsement.


Nichole Fisher said...

1. Good Charlotte

2. IGN or something like that - ha ha

3. Montana

4. Sony

5. Carter

6. Doritos

7. caulk


9. Summer Catch

10. University of Miami, USC

Brendon said...

1. Matchbox 20
2. InBev
3. Idaho
4. BMW
5. Clinton
6. Tostitos
7. haha she said caulk
8. Radar
9. She's All That
10. Miami, USC

I know at least 9/10 of these are wrong. I just felt like answering anyway.

Messiah said...

Agree on 4,5, and 9 above

2. InBev
3. Idaho?
6. Garden of Eatin?
7. Spackle
8. Radar
10. Seems a poorly worded question. Does the stadium have to be on campus, or just used by the team? I'm guessing it's on the campus, otherwise it's too many colleges. Is the Sugar Bowl on Tulane's campus? I'll go with Tulane. Did they count University of Phoenix? And then wherever the Fiesta Bowl is -- Arizona? Arizona State?

Sean said...

You want answers, don't you? You want the TRUTH!

1. Good Charlotte - Gold star for Nichole.

2. InBev - Point for Messiah.

3. Nichole is correct. We had a long debate between Montana and Idaho, but I convinced my teammate that Montana was the right answer.

4. Sony

5. Carter - Nichole is on a roll.

6. Doritos; Messiah - what is Garden of Eatin?

7. No one is correct, though Hand of Godard made me laugh so gold star for him. We were looking for Grout. Grout.

8. We also said Radar, but the answer was Frank Burns. No relation to Montgomery.

9. Summer Catch - Another point for Nichole.

10. I say terrible question. The answer given was Rice, Tulane and Arizona State. It seems like USC and the University of Miami should also be correct.

Sean said...

Oh, Hand of Godard also receives a point for #2.