Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Trivia Tuesday

These are the last group of questions from the trivia night that shall not be named. Your challenge is to answer the ten questions below with no theme whatsoever.

1. What 2005 film about a high school for superheroes-in-training starred former "Wonder Woman" Lynda Carter in the role of Principal Powers and Kurt Russell as The Commander Steve Stronghold?

2. What famous "5 & 10 cent" chain was founded in Utica, New York in 1879? (Sean's note: I always thought they were called five and dime stores.)

3. What derisive nickname for British people originated from a component of the British Navy's diet attempting to fend off scurvy?

4. Of what controversial organization were the following notable Americans admitted or alleged members: Supreme Court Justice Hugo Black, Senator Robert Byrd, President Harry Truman, President Warren Harding, and Chief Justice Edward Douglass White?

5. What technology company produces the Photoshop, PageMaker and Acrobat products?

6. What name did Tom Hanks call his companion - the volleyball - in the 2004 film Cast Away?

7. What sports figure was married to Jeff Gillooly who gained infamy in 1994?

8. What children's book was banned because it contained a tiny picture of a topless woman on a beach?

9. What country singer is known in those circles as "The Redheaded Stranger," the title of his breakthrough album in 1975 and is still touring today?

10. This famous sitcom originally ran on NBC from 1986 to 1990 and featured a wacky alien who crashes on earth and stays with an American family. (If you need another clue, he was back in Pog form in a Simpsons episode.)

As always, please leave your answers in the comments section and don’t use the internet to search for answers. In case you're wondering, we scored 9 out of 10.

I'm not giving the source for these questions since I'm advocating not going to the venue for trivia. (Sorry for the double negative.)

Good luck!


Cotter said...

3. Limey (or something like that?)

4. The Freemasons

5. Adobe

7. Tonya Harding

10. ALF!!!

Nichole Fisher said...

1. sky high

2. woolworth's

3. limey


5. Adobe

6. wilson

7. tonya harding

8. where the wild things are


10. alf

Brendon said...

1. Spy Kids 3d
2. Tim's 5 and 10 cents
3. Bloke
4. The Catholic Church
5. Adobe
6. Wilson
7. Tanya Harding
8. Dick and Jane
9. Reba McIntyre
10. Alf

Sean said...

Let's get to the answers.

1. Sky High - Point for Nichole.
2. No one is correct yet, though Tim's 5 and 10 is really, really, (not very) close! :)
3. It is limey. If any Brit is reading this, how is that offensive?
4. Harry Truman was not Catholic or a member of the Catholic Church.
5. Adobe - Gold star for everyone!
6. Wilson - Point for Nichole and Hand of Godard is on the board.
7. Tonya Harding - Everyone wins (except for Nancy Kerrigan)
8. This is the one we got wrong.
9. Reba is a good guess although the "his" breakthrough album could be a clue.
10. Everyone loves Alf!

So we're still looking for #2, 4, 8 & 9.

Messiah said...

2. Murphy's
4. The U.S. Government
8. Goodnight Moon
9. Randy Travis

Anonymous said...

#4 I hate saying this, but I think they were all members of the Klan. At least I know Robert Byrd was.

Sean said...

I am terrible at providing the correct answers after the first go-around, but apparently, not as terrible as Messiah's answers to questions 2, 4, 8 & 9! (Thank you; please tip your waiter or waitress.) Messiah was an uncharacteristic 0 for 4 although the U.S. Government probably deserves partial credit.

2. Woolworths
4. Christian is correct - KKK.
8. Where's Waldo? (Who knew?)
9. Willie Nelson

So there you go. Tune in next week for a new edition of Trivia Tuesday!