Friday, September 25, 2009

Still Not Happy With the NFL

I originally shared by displeasure with the NFL changing the start time of Steelers-Bengals game in April. Five months later, I'm still upset. There has to be a really good reason for me to miss a Steelers game. Generally, this is limited to a natural disaster or the rare work obligation. I'm attending a wedding that starts at the exact same time as next week's Chargers-Steelers game, but I'm trying to figure out ways to watch the game, even though I'm not sure if they have any televisions where the ceremony and reception take place.* At a minimum, I'll catch part of the game or frequently call family/friends for updates.

Yom Kippur qualifies as a reason why I would miss a game. With the game at 1:00, I could easily see it and then attend services and begin my day of atonement. Since services start at 6:30, the NFL's decision to move the game to 4:15 means I won't see it. A 4:15 start at a West Coast opponent makes sense; a 4:15 start at Cincinnati, a city in the Eastern time zone, doesn't make sense. HOMER ANGRY!

* I'm not sure if the bride or groom read my blog, but I think (hope?) they understand that the Steelers game is almost as important as the wedding. I'm being careful with my words here, since if they do not agree, it could get a little awkward next weekend.


Messiah said...

Get a Tivo. End this. It will also cure your stress about the house. This I promise.

Sean said...

Messiah - First of all, I just realized that CBS is actually showing the Steelers-Bengals game on TV in the DC area this Sunday. I didn't think that would happen.

As for Tivo, at this point, I'm going to wait until we move into a new home. It needs to be done, but I don't want to start something new while we're in this process.