Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trivia Tuesday: NFL QB Edition

The last few hours of Yom Kippur were fairly miserable for me. As I was standing when the Torah was going through the synagogue part-way through the final service, I broke out in a sweat, had a ringing in my ears and my vision became blurry. After the Torah was returned to the ark, I bolted to the synagogue lobby where I sat in a chair for a good 15 minutes before applying a wet paper towel on my face and returning to the service. I made it through the end of the service though I became nauseous when I stood for too long. Therefore, even though there is a portion of the service when you are supposed to stand unless you are unable to do so, I was sitting along with people with canes or walkers. Even last night after Yom Kippur concluded and after not eating or drinking for 25 hours, I didn’t have much of an appetite. The theory is that I shouldn’t have overextended myself on Sunday morning by working three games as a soccer ref and then barely eating lunch. My wife’s second theory was that I am old.

Then, when I turned on the computer last night, I learned that the Steelers lost to the Bengals. They were winning 20-9 when I left for services on Sunday evening! I still don't understand what happened. Not a great way to end the fast.

Therefore, I (and probably all of us) need some sense of normalcy. That’s what Trivia Tuesday provides. This week’s quiz is courtesy of “The First Official NFL Trivia Book” by Ted Brock and Jim Campbell.

Your challenge for today is to name the all-time top 10 passers in terms of QB rating as published in 1980. Please note that to qualify for the list, a player must have made 1,500 or more passing attempts.

As always, please leave your answers in the comments section and don’t use the internet to search for answers. Let's see how well you know your NFL quarterbacks prior to 1980.

Good luck!


Messiah said...

I am very bad at pre-1985 football, so apologies if some of these guesses are dumb.

Terry Bradshaw
Kenny Stabler
Fran Tarkenton
Otto Graham
Y.A. Tittle
Jim Plunkett
Johnny Unitas
Bob Griese

Sean said...

Messiah - None of these were dumb guesses. However, let's see if they were correct.

#4 - Fran Tarkenton - 80.5 rating
#7 - Ken Stabler - 79.9 rating
#9 - Johnny Unitas - 78.2 rating
#10 - Otto Graham - 78.1 rating

Overall, these rating seem low. I wonder if the way QB ratings are calculated changed sometime between the time this book was published and now.