Monday, September 14, 2009

Desert Storm Cards and More

I visited Pittsburgh this weekend to clean out my childhood bedroom. Specifically, I spent most of the time going through my thousands of baseball, football, hockey, basketball and Garbage Pail Kids cards. If Dave Magadan gets elected to the baseball Hall of Fame, I could be rich due to the number of rookie cards I have of him. Unfortunately, although I have some excellent cards of Greg Maddux, John Smoltz, Randy Johnson, Barry Bonds, Jaromir Jagr, David Robinson and most of the best players from the late 80s/early 90s, they are probably worthless. There was a huge saturation in the card market during this time, and everyone still seems to have their cards, unlike our fathers who had their cards thrown away a generation earlier.

One of the items I found was Desert Storm cards. While these cards seemed cool at the time, particularly the world leader cards (I found cards of Margaret Thatcher, John Major and Richard Cheney), in retrospect, it seems amazing that these were made. The United States was at war, yet, there were companies profiting over Colin Powell cards. What a nice bit of propaganda!

So it sounds like I’m denouncing the industry here, but I guess what I’m getting at is, um, does anyone want to buy some cards? I have some sweet Felix Fermin and Bob Walk cards available as well as a Jeff Reed card when he was a Montreal Expo (did you know he was traded by the Twins to the Expos with Neal Heaton, Yorkis Perez and Al Cardwood in exchange for Jeff Reardon and Tom Nieto on February 3, 1987?) and Willie Parker when he was a Center for the Buffalo Bills (he was All-Missouri Valley in college during the 1970 campaign)!


tiny350Z said...

Husband and I did the same thing last week. And we, too, were disappointed with the value of the cards. You could tell the market saturation just by looking at the duplicates of cards that he had in the collection.

It was still a blast looking through all of them.

lacochran said...

You have a Richard Cheney card?

Just... wow.

Sean said...

Tiny - I definitely enjoyed going through all of the cards. There were many players that I haven't thought about in 15-20 years (ex. former Pirate Steve Kemp). I just don't know what to do with them now. Although most (if not all) of the cards are worthless, I refuse to throw them away. I would love to give away some of the cards to kids, but they're not going to know who Ted Power or Bob Milacki or care about owning their cards.

Lacochran - I had the same reaction when I found his card this weekend. I wonder if it is more valuable since he became Vice President. Would it be more or less valuable if he killed his hunting partner/friend?

Brad said...

Its funny how you said you have all those Dave Magadan cards. A few years ago I was cleaning out an old room and was going through my cards. For some reason I have over 50 1997 Topps Casey Candaele rookie cards. I really don't even remember who he was. Plus he wasn't a Bucco so I have no explanation.