Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sean on TV

Unless you count about 15-20 seconds as an audience member on The Price Is Right, I made my television debut last night on the Family-Life TV station in Kittanning, Pennsylvania. Preceding my appearance on this network was The Beverly Hillbillies, Three Stooges and Share, "a daily Christian variety program featuring musical talent, special guests, and testimonials." Why are you looking at me (through the computer screen) like that? Maybe the station wanted a Jewish voice other than the Three Stooges to wish everyone a Happy New Year since Rosh Hashanah begins Friday night.

Actually, I was a special call-in guest on Rizzo Sports Week hosted by Michael Rizzo (and the man behind We talked about the Steelers, Pirates, college football, and other Pittsburgh sports blogs and I displayed my versatility by discussing Juan Martin Del Potro and the U.S. Open. Overall, I thought I did a decent job, though I haven't actually watched the video yet. In addition, there may be a new drinking game where participants take a shot whenever I say "we'll see what happens."

The show is re-airing today at 12:30 PM Eastern time (you can stream the video at that time from the station's website), and I promise to share a link when the video is posted online so that you watch it whenever you'd like (over and over again). Yes, you are welcome to mock me and comment on all of the mistakes I made.

(Update 9/16 @ 12:33 PM - The show airing on Family-Life TV is definitely not Rizzo Sports. I have no idea what a Trinity Broadcasting Network is, but it does not include me.)

Update 9/17 - The video is now available on the Family-Life TV website.

While you're waiting for the show to air or for me to link to the video, here are other items on the internets to read:

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The Children’s Miracle Network is joining up with Microsoft to award three network hospitals with a $10,000 game room upgrade that includes flat screen LCD tvs, X-Box systems, gaming computers. Please vote for Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh here. [That's Church]

Finally, since I specifically mentioned them on Rizzo Sports Week, please check out PSAMP, One For The Other Thumb and Behind the Steel Curtain.


tecmo said...

thanks for the props, man!

Amy said...

A few notes:

1) I totally remember seeing you on Price is Right!

2) I have actually been to Kittaning, PA. I did some consulting work at a hospital there.

Sean said...

Well deserved, Tecmo!

Amy - I was awesome on TPIR wasn't I? :) I'm impressed that you've been to Kittanning. I don't think that I've ever been to Kittanning!

lacochran said...

L'shana tova!

Sean said...

Thanks lacochran. L'shana tova to you too!