Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament - Elite Eight

Welcome to the Elite Eight of the Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament! I don’t know about you, but I am really enjoying this tournament. Although I have heard of all of the blogs prior to the tournament, this has been the first time I have regularly read some of them. I don’t think Pittsburgh sports fans realize how lucky we are to have such in depth coverage of the Steelers, Penguins, Pirates and Pitt. If you haven’t done so already, check out each of the Pittsburgh sports blogs in the tournament as well as those linked on the sidebar.

The Sweet 16 round was terrific. #1 seeds Behind the Steel Curtain and The Pens Blog rolled to easy victories as Nice Pick Cowher awoke the sleeping giant. The other top seeds, Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies (PSAMP) and Mondesi’s House, withheld big comeback attempts by Faceoff Factor and Bucs Dugout respectively. I don’t think we can have any closer match-ups than Pitt Blather vs. The Confluence (51%-49%) and Blog ‘n’ Gold vs. PensBurgh (50.3%-49.7%). Wow! Finally, Empty Netters defeated One for the Other Thumb in a fun match, and Where Have You Gone, Andy Van Slyke (WHYGAVS) cruised into the next round.

So we now enter the Elite Eight! Each of these match-ups could easily be Final Four or Championship match-ups. All four of the #1 seeds remain but there is only one #2 seed left. As I mentioned before, please do not cheat and vote multiple times.

Here's your updated bracket:

Sammy Khalifa Division

1. Behind the Steel Curtain vs. 3. Where Have You Gone Andy Van Slyke

Jock Callander Division

1. The Pens Blog vs. 2. Empty Netters

Demetreus Gore Division

1. Mondesi’s House vs. 3. Pitt Blather

Rich Erenberg Division

1. Pittsburgh Sports and Mini Ponies vs. 3. Blog ‘n’ Gold

The Elite Eight voting begins now and will end on Thursday evening at 8:00pm Eastern time.

Thanks again to Cotter of One For the Other Thumb for creating the awesome logo!

Update: Voting in the Elite Eight. You can click the vote now buttons to see who won but the vote won't count. The Final Four round will begin on Monday morning. Thanks to everyone for visiting and voting!


tecmo said...

Man, I dont have the readership to hang with these guys.


Anonymous said...

Sounds good. Just make sure Mondesi doesn't win.

tecmo said...

/not really trying to give everyone 20 bucks.

//WILL give everyone a whole chicken, though. chicken may be alive at time of giving.

Brainwise said...

The polls are not showing up for me, so I can't vote. I've tried to view this page in three different browsers. What gives?

Anonymous said...

The polls will not work for me neither.

Anonymous said...

Here's a link for you to my blog...

It's the least you can do for having my bubble burst at the selection show. There's always next year. Great contest!

Brainwise said...

Polls are working now. I cast my vote!

Cotter said...

5 Golden Rings ~ This tournament was comprised of a bunch of Pittsburgh sports blogs that have been around for a long time (by internet terms), the owners of which have worked very hard to establish what they now have.

Please don't downplay our efforts by crying foul about not being included.

Anonymous said...

Cotter - Oh, I wasn't downplaying the efforts of the tourney or crying foul. I KNOW I have no business being included...I don't nearly have the readership, just building that. It's only been a year for me...we'll see where this thing goes.

I was merely playing along with the tourney theme. I've enjoyed voting and checking in as the contest unfolds.