Friday, February 06, 2009

Toilet Paper Poll

Can you believe that I’ve made it all the way through February without a bathroom post? Wait, what do you mean it’s only February 6th? It seems like the Steelers won the Super Bowl weeks ago. Anyway, inspired by Jason’s incredible TMI Friday (NSFW if your office reads every single word on every webpage you visit; there are no pictures and the language is generally PG-13, so you’re fine otherwise), I created a poll on the top right of the page with an extremely important question: Do you fold or crumple your toilet paper?

Feel free to add your answer and any thoughts in the comments section.

Here are your Friday links:

I love Ithaca, New York, though the politics of the city is fascinating and sometimes crazy. Ithaca had a socialist mayor when I first lived there and I remember an off-beat guy with his own public access show running for mayor and doing fairly well. This week’s council meeting featured a shoe-thrower which seems like to be the "in" thing to do to politicians.

Raccoons invaded the White House grounds. I hate raccoons.

Lawrence Timmons has a blog (h/t Three Rivers Sports) including this:

This is such as great feeling. I still can’t believe we won it. I’m so overwhelmed, it’s just crazy to win a Super Bowl when you’re 22.

We were in Tampa, but it was like a home game for us. Every time we did something on the field, I could hardly hear myself talk. Every time the Cardinals did something, you could hear just fine. Our fans are the real deal.

HHR interviewed Stefan Fatsis, the author of A Few Seconds of Panic, one of the best books I’ve read over the past few years.


GM-Carson said...

I fold my toilet paper, never understood the crumple.

Former Bucco Bert Blyleven belong in the Hall of Fame, yet insn't. He is being inducted into a psuedo-Hall though:

Hand of Godard said...

I fold and crumple. It's kind of like how I write... there cursive mixed in with print. Trust me, that makes sense to me.

lacochran said...


And the end of the roll goes up and over the roll. No poll needed. Case closed.

laclips said...

I used to crumple but now all I use are the Charmin Fresh Mates Flushable Wipes. Trust me, you will never use regular toilet paper again.

LiLu said...

Seriously, anyone who hasn't read that post of Jason's should. It cracked me UP when I found it!

Anonymous said...

thanks for the plug lilu! i'll let you know about my next film so you can get the word out.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the plug lilu! i'll let you know about my next film so you can get the word out.

Sean said...

GM Carson - Thanks for sharing. Do you know if Bert Blyleven folds or crumples?

Hand of Godard - So you go both ways, so to speak.

lacochran - I agree with you 100% on both items.

laclips - So does that mean that you fold Charmin Fresh Mates Flushable Wipes but if you use any other TP, you crumple?

lilu is correct. Jason's post with help from his friends is amazing.