Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament Bracket

Here is the bracket for the Best Pittsburgh Sports Blog Tournament:

Unless you have 20/10 vision, you probably need to click on the bracket to see the match-ups. The bracket itself isn't pretty, but all I have is Microsoft Word. I'm sure that any 8th grader could make a nicer bracket.

Let me apologize if I missed your blog. I tried to pick the best 31 Pittsburgh sports-related blogs out there (plus my blog) and I’m sure that I missed a few. As I mentioned on Monday, my motivation is to try to create a compendium of the best blogs that cover and discuss Pittsburgh sports. I also included a set of ground rules of what blogs would be included and excluded.

If the polling software works correctly, I hope to begin the first round of voting tomorrow (Thursday).

Feel free to discuss the match-ups and the toughest/easiest divisions.


tecmo said...

One bit of the hell did I get a 1 seed?!?! That's too much PRESSURE!

Thanks though, man!

Cotter said...

I am fully prepared to lose hard. Let's do this thing.

Staal Tactics said...

I sure hope my mom has time to vote for me. Between me, mom and my sister I should end this round with three votes!

Anonymous said...

What, no ? Bigger and better than most of these guys who like to re-hash news items and just add a sprinkling of their own insight.