Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Random Election Questions

What is the lowest moment of Anderson Cooper’s career: Interviewing a hologram of or hosting the Mole?

Am I the only person who thinks President Bush could be a contestant on Dancing with the Stars in a few years?

Did anyone see Joe Biden on Tuesday?

Where were all the commercials featuring the Commissioner of the More Taste League? (Maybe I’ve been watching too many sporting events lately.)

How long will it be until all the election signs get removed?


Brendon said...

1. Don't follow his career.
2. That would be the only reason I'd ever tune in to that show.
3. No
4. I think they were drowned out by the millions of election ads running. I don't remember ever being so annoyed about an election. I would actually be happy when a viagra commercial would come on.
5. It can't be too soon.

Sean said...

Hand of Godard - I disagree with you about #2. I definitely tuned in to watch fellow Woodland Hills High School grad Jason Taylor when he was on Dancing with the Stars. Plus, the female dancers on the show are incredibly hot.

Brendon said...

Sorry, but on Monday at 8:00 I'm either tuned in to CBS, watching Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother, or I'm watching hockey. The only thing that could pry me from that would be Bush dancing.